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From 28 ga to 1" thick


60 inches wide by 120 inches long


6000 watts


Mild Steel, Stainless Steel, Aluminum, Titanium and other exotic Materials


.001 inch to 1.5 inch
depending on material type

Our laser cutter is a multifunctional tool. It is capable of processing just about any imaginable geometrical shape. It can eliminate many finishing operations; making the end product more cost and time effective.

Over the years we have cut thousands of different part geometries.


Our sheet metal fabrication facility uses the latest CNC technology. Equipped with a variable-output CO2 , our Trumatic laser cutter is known to provide precision cuts for complex shapes. It allows for multiple processes including cutting, and etching. All components are cut without any additional tooling. All components are fabricated to the exact specifications of our clients' drawings.

Our laser cutter reduces production expenses. Our laser cutter will always leave smooth edges that do not require additional finishing labour that can cause small imperfections. The end result always arrives with precise cuts.

We have a staff of highly skilled programmers, ensuring a fast and reliable high-precision CNC machine operation. Along with our experienced production staff, our laser cutter is ready to cut various complex shapes. With our laser cutter, we've produced multifaceted brackets and components. Our cutting methods and procedures, combined with our laser cutting capabilities, allows for all components to be free of any impurity, deformation and stress. We have the ability to cut a simple component or a complex component. There is no limit to the end result.

We have a team of expert engineers and designers to assist you in all phases of product design and development. We keep accurate records of production times and processes, assuring you a cost-effective and on-time product delivery. We manufacture metal parts to our customers' design specifications with extreme precision.

We have set the standard in sheet metal fabrication with our hands-on approach to product creation. We have a team of dedicated professionals to assist you in all stages of the production process. We will assign a project manager or project engineer to consult with you and communicate your ideas to the project team. Whether you have a rough sketch or a completed product design, our team of expert designers and engineers will give you the most cost-effective profiling solutions for your concept. With our extensive list of reliable suppliers, we can assist you in the procurement of your preferred material. We will go into production, consulting with you throughout the process. Our highly trained programming staff ensures a high-precision rapid-speed CNC machine operation. We have in place a system of feedback allowing our production staff to communicate to our engineers the best approach to your product fabrication. We assure you that everything is being done in accordance with your requirements by keeping an accurate record of production time and processes. We conduct tests throughout the production process to ensure that project components fit accurately into place. Our strict adherence to high-quality standards delivers results.

We look forward to establishing a long-term relationship with our clients. From your project idea to its realization, we offer only the highest standards of laser cutting services. We have the capability to accommodate both low- and large-volume orders.

With our high-precision CNC laser cutting production process, we can fabricate custom components in low-volume to large-production runs.

With a full team of professional designers, engineers, CNC machine programmers and operators, we will provide over-the-top service.

We assess all drawings, and if needed, we offer our ideas.

We recognize that most of our clients have a great understanding of the big picture.

We understand that we are here to provide our knowledge and years of collective experience.